"The #1 stress relief experience in the Netherlands. Munayqi stress relief healing methods."

Experience a healing journey to stand stress-resistant in your power, so you can live a successful and lighter life!

Wees eens liefde met healing en de anti-stress beleving van Nederland
Wees lief met de #1 Anti-Stress Beleving van Nederland

Live according to your most beautiful potential!

Experience the Munayqi Stress relief experience and enjoy:

A reset to manifest your desires from inner peace. My secret to not only achieve your goals, but also to feel good in a simple and spiritual way!

*Freedom to live from the heart.

Personal growth and development are essential if you want to go from stress to energy.

*Relaxation and stress relief


Krijger Godin transformatie naar hogepriesteres
StressTransformatie en anti-stress beleving Purmerend

Explanation of the MunayQi -stress relief- experiences.

Krachtwiel heling en reading
Ontvang reading en reset stress beleving

“You are the wheel! You possess infinite energy and are connected to the Field of infinite possibilities, even if you may not feel it now. You have forgotten that we are all one with the universal source, just like animals, plants, and minerals. The medicine wheel provides us with direction and balance in the four cardinal directions. Together with our spirits, we look at the underlying inner cause of your situation and reset your body, mind, and soul using gemstones, resulting in:”

€85.00 per session (3 sessions recommended)

uitvliegen kolibrie cartoon munayqi Reset your Mind & Soul
Laat blokkades los met deze lichaamsgerichte anti-stress beleving

Releasing the armor around your heart is liberating. The unique combination of release coaching and marma massage therapy heals stuck emotions and tension in the Mind & Soul. The result of this unique anti-stress experience:


Body Mind Release

Burn-out, tiredness, overthinking and feeling stuck in life can now be tackled at the root. What a relief! You can take action. Develop your (self) awareness and create your own more positive reality.

The “reset your Mind & Soul” program is based on Body Mind Release. This addresses inner causes and provides you with inner strength strategies that you can easily use at home.

Body Mind Release provides fast and sustainable anti-stress results with:

Heel oude zielspijnen met familieopstelling Purmerend

Familieopstelling Purmerend

“By becoming aware of family and stress dynamics, you can better take your place in the system and experience a deeper connection with yourself and your ancestors. Gaining insight and recognition for ‘what is’, can be a powerful step forward on your path to healing and personal growth. Family constellations can lead to a reduction of stress and:”


Welcome to have a conversation if you are curious if I can assist you in building resilience, increasing happiness, and love.

jacqueline munayqi bellen
Bel mij en we bespreken welk stres relief moment geschikt is voor jou.

The step towards inner peace and freedom!

“In this conversation, we discuss how to regain control towards inner peace. By tackling the underlying problem of feeling stuck and sadness, you can prevent burnout or attracting wrong relationships and an unhappy feeling again.”

t.w.v.  €99,00

Wat anderen zeggen...over de Anti-Stress beleving van NL

jacqueline munayQi himani inner outer strength

Auteur: Jacqueline Brandes: de Stress Transformatie expert

Who is Jacqueline?
She is an Author and Naturopathic Transformation Therapist who helps you let go of your survival mode so that you can experience inner peace and see what truly matters. This enables you to create the life you want. With her CREATE method, Jacqueline takes you on a journey from dreaming to doing. It’s time to believe in yourself in a new way than you always have.

Jacqueline Brandes is a natural healing transformation therapist and experienced in narcissistic relationships. For 23 years she has been coaching people to have more self-confidence, well-being and happiness by helping them find that smile back in the mirror. Additionally, she is the founder of the InnerOuterStrength Academy and owner of the MunayQi practice, which means becoming your best self, with love from your heart. Jacqueline lives with her two daughters, Quences and Kayleigh, in Purmerend.

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